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On my recent blog “5 Essential Questions To Answer Before You Start Your Digital Nomad Journey“, I wrote about the “WHAT” and “HOW” of becoming a digital nomad. This time I will write about the “WHERE”.

I have listed 3 cities that I would like to see and explore as a startup digital nomad. I’ve gathered blogs from existing digital nomads who have been there and done that as my guide:

1. Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai Buddy's "24 Reasons Chiang Mai is the Best Place for Digital Nomads" is a comprehensive list of why the city is the number one place for digital nomads.

I would like to highlight the two main points in the blog that is very important to me:

1. Cost of Living :

"You can live in Chiang Mai for about $500 a month.  You will live very well for $1000"

The cost of living is almost the same here in the Philippines and since I am just starting, I should make sure that my budget is in place. I need to control myself especially that I tend to be impulsive if I am new to a place. This is why budget planning is definitely a must.

2. Chiang Mai Digital Nomad Community

On my previous blog "What and How of a Startup Digital Nomad" I noted, from Casey Hynes' How To Succeed As A Digital Nomad: 4 Tips To Build Your Network, that to become one of the most successful digital nomad, one must be able to successfully develop a solid relationships as one travel around the world.

And with that in mind, Chiang Mai Digital Nomad Community will definitely be the best place to start networking. (Oops, not the MLM kind of networking please.)

As a start, I also joined some of the facebook group that the blog has mentioned. I hope I can find more digital nomads there. Let's chat! 🙂

Special Mention: Chiang Mai Coffee 

I know a person who can't live a day without coffee so he will definitely love it here.

See full list of 24 Reasons Chiang Mai is the Best Place for Digital Nomads

2. Bali, Indonesia

On Chris the Freelancer's Bali Wrap-Up: One month as a Digital Nomad on the ‘Island of the Gods’, he brokedown the cost of living and the best place to cowork in Bali.

I honestly have known Bali for it's beach and is very much interested in taking a dip but I will keep myself reminded that I'm a digital nomad now.

See Chris the freelancer's full blog here:

Bali Wrap-Up: One month as a Digital Nomad on the ‘Island of the Gods’

3. Phuket, Thailand

Lin's Digital Nomad’s Guide to Phuket: Coworking Spaces & Work-friendly Spots shares a comprehensive list of best coworking spaces in the island with their corresponding contact numbers. This is a handy list to have especially if you are just new in the place and don't know where to go.

I will definitely check the cafes here since I have a buddy who loves coffee.


See the full list here:

Digital Nomad’s Guide to Phuket: Coworking Spaces & Work-friendly Spots


Nomad List  - this site shows a comprehensive list of cities and their rating as to cost of living, internet, weather, air, fun and safety.

Have you visited Chiang Mai, Bali or Phuket recently?  Leave your message below. I would definitely love to hear your story!